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If you thought that smoking is a recent trend in the developed and developing economies you are mistaken. History has it that people used to smoke tobacco as early as 50,000 BC.

Tobacco being of plant origin, we can conclude that certain climatic conditions made tobacco smoking a kind of habit. The earliest smokers used to burn the tobacco leaves and inhale the vapors. It must have been a practice to burn the tobacco leaves to keep the cold at bay and somewhere they must have begun to enjoy the vapors for it is quite addictive. There fore they must have developed the habit further. When we study the ancient civilizations and the trade routes they operated between continents, we do find references to tobacco being one of the traded items and very much in demand.

As societies and economies developed people began to refine their methods of using tobacco for inhaling. They began to roll tobacco into neat rolls and tie them together and began to light them and draw in the smoke through their breath. These were probably the crude form of cigars.

The vapors of tobacco when inhaled is absorbed through the lungs and when it reaches the blood, the chemical substances are found to release dopamine and endorphins into the blood stream which is responsible for giving the feeling of pleasure.

As science and technology developed, people began refining tobacco-smoking methods. Tobacco bundles gave way to tobacco pipes after which cigarettes took birth.

History also has it that tobacco growing was very popular in south America as well as north and east America. In the earliest times, the tribals as well as Indians used tobacco for religious and ritualistic purposes. It was used especially in shamanic rituals and by people who use to try and communicate with spirit world.

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